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Fifth Sunday of Easter

The Vine and the Branches In our Gospel Reading for this Sunday, Jesus says “Abide in me as I abide in you.” With this statement, Jesus vividly describes our relationship with God through the imagery of the vine and branches. Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. He is the foundation, source and […]

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Priest Sacred Heart of Jesus

Fourth Sunday of Easter

We Are Called to Serve Dear brothers and sisters, on this Fourth Sunday of Easter, the Universal Church celebrates the 61st World Day of Prayer for Vocations. This Vocations Sunday was established by Pope Paul VI in 1963 (during the early sessions of the Second Vatican Council). It was prompted by concerns over the declining

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Divine Mercy

Sunday of Divine Mercy

Our Merciful God Dear brothers and sisters, I am sure that most of us have seen a young child learning to walk. When the child falls, the parents will try to help them stand up and walk again. No matter how many times the child falls, the parents will reach out and help them rise

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Happy Easter

When we talk about Easter, we talk about the stone being rolled away and the empty tomb. Yes, the stone is rolled away so that the voices of prayer can be heard again with acclamations of “Alleluia!” because Christ is risen, and He wants to lift us up and to rise with Him in victory

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The Fifth Sunday of Lent

Be Humble and Obedient In this Sunday’s Gospel, we hear Jesus saying, “Now my soul is troubled. And what shall I say: Father, save me from this hour?” Jesus was troubled, He was feeling afraid, He may even have been in distress. This is a side of Jesus that we don’t often see, but we

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people walking towards a huge cross

The Fourth Sunday of Lent

The Cross, Sign of Salvation Dear brothers and sisters, the cross is a dreadful and humiliating punishment that was used from the 6th century BC to the 4th century AD. The cross is a method of executing the death penalty that involves a very long, cruel, and painful process of persecution. Crucifixion is a punishment

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The Third Sunday of Lent

Cleansing our Hearts In the Gospel this Sunday, we heard that Jesus cleansed the temple. What Jesus did may make us squirm a bit. The usually gentle, compassionate, merciful Jesus has become a person who was whiplashing: driving out sheep and cattle, scattering monies, knocking over tables and not sparing the pigeon-sellers. But Jesus gives

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The Second Sunday of Lent

Finding God in Every Situation Dear brothers and sisters, the Transfiguration experience, the experience of communion with the glorious God, is a joyful experience. Peter and the other disciples did not want to lose that precious moment. Like the disciples of Jesus, each of us has surely had a “mountaintop experience,” where we feel the

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The First Sunday of Lent

Repentance and God’s Forgiveness Today is the first Sunday of Lent and in today’s Gospel we heard that the Spirit drove Jesus out into the wilderness where He remained for 40 days and was tempted by the devil. He was with the wild beasts and the angels looked after Him.During those 40 days in the

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